[Junk, if you read it thank you for your time] Her face was nearly free from expression as she sat at the table in complete silence, as the nail of her thumb popped open the top to a small container of mints, dumped a few into her mouth, and then closed the lid. Her chewing of the mints was the only other expression besides her once in awhile knit eyebrows. {She wasn't just sitting there thinking, she was listening to a small device sticking into her ear, shrouded by her curtain of purple hair that had been straightened well. The small device had a microphone built into it, and a small speaker that only send sound into her ear, it would not be able to be heard if it was removed, or if another ear was placed next to it as it was installed in her ear. What it was giving her were updates on a meeting she wasn't allowed to attend, that was all the way over in Washington, while the current position she was in was over thirty-thousand miles from there. {The voices on the other end disturbed her as she listened in, through another ear piece from a certain Director. This ear piece was more advanced than hers, with the ability to catch sound from the environment, that was rather clear. She could hear the shuffle of his clothes as he adjusted in his seat, and the tapping of another person's pen on a file folder. {She dumped more of the mints into her mouth, as they were coming close to finalizing their decision. A pit formed in her stomach as she set down the mints, getting a little oozy. It couldn't have been the turbulence, since she was on the Helicarrier, but the mints seemed guilty to this, or even the Mountain Dew Voltage she had drunk just moments before. No, she wished it was those things, but it was from the nervousness of their decision that was pulling at her. {The small council was deciding to recruit her, to give her special training, and work for S.H.I.E.L.D. She wanted to so bad, if they didn't choose this, then she would have to be sent into a foster home. She didn't want that, if that were to happen, Hydra agents would find her, and she wouldn't be safe. {Fury knew what she was holding back, she had used it in an emergency before just days ago, and he was debating on bringing it up, but it could only put her in more danger. So far, he was going to keep that to himself. {Finally, they came to the decision. She nearly had to turn to the trash bin fearing she was going to hurl from her uneasiness. The suspense in the Host's pause really got to her as he declared his final decision. "Miss Mavi will...be trained by S.H.I.E.L.D. until further notice."