When LOL Turns to OMG.

The point of this post is to show the impact our choices when driving or even being a passenger can make. It’s to make you more aware of the choices you and you family and friends make behind the wheel can impact not only you and the people you love, but innocent bystanders.

The three most common causes of a car crash are:
1. Texting
2. Alcohol
3. Marijuana (weed)

I am going to go through each of them now, explaining how each can impact not only your life, but others.
Texting and driving is a big problem. When you text, you aren’t paying attention to the road. You spend one second looking at the road and a minimum of five staring at the text on your screen or responding to it. What is so important that it can’t wait? The answer is NOTHING. You don’t need to answer that text or look at it. When you are in the car, put your phone out of reach.

In car crashes, they can usually tell how fast the person was driving by the skid marks. In a car crash involving texting, there is never any skid marks. Why? That person didn’t have time to reach the brakes. They didn’t have time to stop.

You may think, it cant happen to me, right? Think again. Look at the first picture. That’s Griffin, he was three when a mother of three, a nice normal mother, crashed into the back of his parents car. She was answering a text. That text? It was LOL, C U Soon. Griffin was in the hospital with restraints to keep him from taking out the IV, a tube to help him breath, a feeding tube, and his eyes bruised closed. That is what one mothers decision cost. If that doesn’t convince you, look at the second picture. A mother ran off the road. The car crashed into a pole killing her daughter in the passengers seat. The mother survived. But her daughter did not because of a choice that mom made.

You hear a lot about alcohol. But Marijuana is a big problem too. Anything that makes you feel different means you shouldn’t be driving.
A teenage boy, very strong and wanted to be a firefighter. But one night, he was using weed. He wanted to go the store but instead ended up flipping his car over and over. His mom and sister found him. He’d been ejected from the car. His legs were screwed up, he was in a coma for months. He woke up, but he’ll probably now have to live with his parents for the rest of his life.

Which leads me to my next point, always wear a seat belt. Always. A teenage girl was with her friends. They bugged her to wear a seat belt but she didn’t listen. She was ejected out the back window and died as a result. Her organs just burst because of impact. And when I say wear your seatbelt, I mean the whole thing, don’t put it behind your shoulder. Necks snap easy, and if you aren’t wearing that part, it can happen to you.

I hope you got something out of this. I hope you will remember that is CAN happen to you. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t. Make good choices.

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I feel like I need to add something to this after remembering it:
Driving under the influence of alcohol doesnt mean you are really drunk, doesnt mean your falling all over the place drunk. No, those people usually cant even get in the car. The people who get in car crashes after drinking are those who are “just buzzed.” Or just “a little buzzed” or “a little drunk” as if theres such thing as just a “little crash.
If you have used drugs or drank alcohol, don’t get behind the wheel. Or if your friend has, take the keys away from them.

Refuse to drive if someone doesnt have a seat belt on. Airbags and seatbelts work together. If you don’t have a seatbelt on the airbag can pretty much crush your legs or not go off and you can be ejected.

Sorry for the added part, but I wanted you to know this.

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